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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Illinois Attorney General Rejects Smart Grid Proposal

I never thought I would say this about the Great Communist State of Illinois, but they are actually doing something right for a change.

According to an article on The Telegraph.com, the Attorney General of Illinois, Lisa Madagin, walked away from the Negotiating tables with the utility companies and refused to support the current Smart Grid legislation in Illinois Legislature:

"Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a statement this week, saying her office "walked away" from negotiations with Ameren Illinois and Commonwealth Edison LLC over legislation to upgrade and modernize Illinois' electric grid.

Ameren and ComEd want permission from lawmakers to bypass the Illinois Commerce Commission and add the costs of the upgrades to customers' bills. The commission has had to rule on rate increases in the past.

The Smart Grid proposal, the utilities say, would balance the new charges with new equipment and technology that eventually would save consumers money.

But the attorney general's statement said the proposal would shift the risk to customers and guarantee Ameren and ComEd double-digit profits.

"Attorney General Madigan cannot support a proposal that short-circuits the regulatory process and doesn't include strong protections for consumers," the statement read.

ComEd customer Colleen Fox, of Stockton, said she is always a little skeptical of promises made to "consumers" - and not just by ComEd.

"I always want more information, so I don't always believe everything that I'm told, especially by utilities," Fox said."

Lets just hope someone in Illinois emails the Attorney General my article on the Smart Grid.

Maybe it will help with her "Negotiations" and "Protecting Consumers" in her state.


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