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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Freedoms Lost...

I was getting ready to lay down for the night and happened to read the Drudge Report. One of the headlines grabbed my attention because of the title: "Lawmaker: Slap Parents of Fat Kids with Higher Taxes".

My first reaction was outrage, the thought that some lawmaker feels that he has such unlimited power that he alone can dictate who is fat and who isn't. And by being the Judge, Jury and Executioner then dictates that the parents should be penalized with higher taxes.

Did it occur once to this arrogant individual that maybe it's none of his damn business how fat someone Else's kid is?

Then I laughed out loud.. of course not. He is just a product of his environment...

And that lead me to my next reaction.. I was going to come and do what all bloggers do...inform my readers of this this news.

But to what avail? This news is nothing... but news.. we have become so desensitized to the fantastic and absurd that nothing seems to surprise us or even anger us anymore.

For example yesterday it was disclosed that a University Labor Studies class was used to recruit for the Communist Party USA. The Communist Party ranks right down there with Nazis and Racist groups like the New Black Panthers and the KKK... but was there a sudden outrage to this Indoctrination??


People seemed to go on about their lives like it was an everyday occurrence..

What have we become as a people...as a Nation that when a Lawmaker claims that because our children are too fat for him that he needs to punish the parents or when a radical group that vows to destroy Capitalism and supports violent revolution recruits our children in a public college.. that we as a People no longer deem it necessary to scream and yell till our mouths run dry and our voices become hoarse from the rage??

History shows that all great civilizations come to an end.. and usually it is done by their own hand by the laziness, selfishness and arrogance of the populace. If you doubt that fact stop for a second from playing your video games or writing a message on Facebook and look around..

Maybe You, and many like you, hate what is going on, can see the treachery, tyranny, the outright theft of your Freedoms and Liberties but yet there you sit. Seem to be content with lying to yourself saying your forwarding the cause of Liberty by emailing your Friends with 100 stories a day that no one reads. Maybe you go stand on a corner with a sign thinking you did your part and now it's someone Else's turn. Or maybe your one of those who gets involved only if it effects you directly.. and you will wait until the tyrants "get to the end of your Street" before you do something. Maybe your one of those that thinks now that we elected one party to office.. we must defend them to the bitter end if they are right or not..even if it means that you destroy your past allies that helped get your new taskmaster elected.

Oh how I have wondered what the populace thought and felt that were apart of those Past Great Civilizations that fell.. and now I know. They felt like Fools...

Oh What Great Fools They Were.... Fools who believed that nothing will touch them, that their existence will go on forever no matter what comes their way. That somehow History does not apply to them... that because it's them things would be different.

Fools.. only a Fool tries what has already been tried and expects a different result.

This is a lesson the Communists and Socialists should take to heart because every great Marxist experiment was a dismal, tyrannical failure. But yet we have Fools who will tell you with a straight face that it will work, if it's done right. Let the Government run it they say.. as if "the Government" is some all knowing, all seeing being that has their best interest at heart. Fools..

We are all apart of one of the Greatest Experiments in the History of the World.. but because of our arrogance, laziness, selfishness and foolishness we have allowed the Power of this nation to become centralized into the hands of an establishment who wishes to do nothing but become our rulers.

From Generation to Generation we have been giving away one Freedom after another for one reason or another to the point that now we don't even know what true Freedom is... Fools.

Tyranny happens 24/7- 7 Days a week 365 days a year.. and Tyranny doesn't stop because you make 1 phone call, send one email or write one blog post. Tyranny stops because you stay engaged and on guard 24/7 -7 days a week 365 days a year. ... only a Fool would do otherwise.

For the past century generations have created such an atmosphere that allows Communist to recruit our children at school and Politicians to Dictate to Parents what their Children should weigh without causing such an outrage from the populace that the ground would tremble from the approach of the angry crowd.

We, The Fools, have No one to Blame but Ourselves...

But Now is the time to stop acting foolish, selfish and arrogant and Help Defend your few remaining Liberties.... and Get Up Off your Arrogance and get involved to make sure that Politicians know Who Dictates to Whom...

Most Importantly.. We All Must be Raising Future Generations that they may be able to restore the Freedoms Lost.......by Fools.



Anonymous said...

You are so right. I know so many people that value their freedom like me but are so ignorant of what is going on around them. They do not seem to realize that the wonderful life of freedom they have today may come crashing down on them soon, or at least it will come crashing down on their children. We are like the proverbial frog in the pot. We don't even know we are heading to the boiling point in this country. WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Complacent and spoiled is more or less the truth of the matter. Until something effects the populis in their pocket book or wallet, we can chant all we want. However, our rants have fallen upon deafs ears for many years. It wasn't until now the people are starting to awaken. Why now? I'll refer you back to the wallet.

How can we blame government for not caring about our liberty when we ourselves only think about it on the 4th of July?

Shamefull, but true! Thank you for this post :)