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Monday, May 23, 2011

Favoritism?: GM Government Owned and Senators Push for Electric Car Bill

Before the Obama administration bailed out General Motors there were those pointing out the dangers of such a venture. Those "Paul Reveres" could see what many could not, that when the Government has ownership of a private company that inevitably it will play favorites in the free market. (33% of GM is still Government Owned)

And now those Prophets of Doom have been proven correct.

According to an article on WBIR.com, there is a bi-partisan push in the Senate to pass a bill that favors electric vehicles:

"A bill introduced in the Senate would allow towns across the country to compete for federal dollars to deploy electric cars and build charging stations.

The proposal, introduced last week by Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, isn't new - similar legislation introduced last year never reached the Senate floor. But the senators said this year's high gas prices favor passage.

"The price of gas is higher this year than it was last year, and the bill costs less this year than it did last year," Alexander told colleagues at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing Thursday.

Alexander said electrifying half of nation's vehicles would reduce foreign oil use by a third. Powering that many electric cars wouldn't be as difficult as it sounds, he added, because utilities have enough unused nighttime capacity to charge 43 percent of the nation's cars and trucks overnight, simply by plugging them into an outlet.

Nighttime electricity is "our greatest unused resource in the United States," Alexander said.

Merkley said electric cars pollute less and promote use of diverse fuel sources other than foreign oil. Such sources are less subject to price spikes than oil, he said.

Senators at the hearing also are considering a bill introduced last month by committee member Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, that would fund electric-vehicle research and provide tax credits for businesses that buy electric or hybrid trucks. Industry representatives at the hearing told lawmakers that promoting electric technology for use in trucks and vans may be even more significant than promoting its use in passenger cars, which use much less fuel."

Isn't it interesting that the only American Car manufacturer that is really pushing the electric vehicle is the 33% Government owned GM?

Makes you wonder if these little pieces of legislation are just another attempt to play "favorites" in the Free Market..

But the Federal Government would NEVER interfere in the Free Market by playing favorites would they?

Ok.. ok Stop laughing..


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