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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DREAM Act Passes in Illinois

It would seem that Illinois's has passed new legislation that will act like a magnet for illegals looking for College assistance.

According to the Communist Party USA News, People's World, the Illinois version of the DREAM Act is just waiting for the Governor's signature:

"Illinois lawmakers passed a bipartisan bill May 30 that would assist immigrant youth throughout the state in paying for college. The measure, SB 2185, known as the Illinois DREAM Act, passed the Illinois House with a 61-53 vote. It passed the State Senate earlier this month and now heads to Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn's desk, where he is expected to sign the bill into law later this week.

"I believe everyone has the right to a first-class education, and the Illinois DREAM Act strengthens Illinois' commitment to ensuring education for all," Quinn said in a statement released by his office. "The legislation allows private funding to be used to help students pay for higher education and to train high school counselors to assist undocumented children [to] forward their educational careers. This legislation will support our next generation of scholars, business leaders and innovators, and I look forward to signing it."

The measure would establish a privately funded Illinois DREAM fund, administered by a volunteer staff commission, to make scholarships available to children of immigrants who graduate from state high schools. It will also train high school counselors and college admissions officers to be fully informed about educational resources and opportunities for immigrant students. The bill would also allow families to participate in the state's two college tuition savings programs.

The measure will not impose any cost on Illinois taxpayers and could benefit as many as 95,000 immigrant youth.

Lawrence Benito, deputy director with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said the bipartisan vote was "truly historic." In a statement on the group's website, Benito added, "This vote is a victory for our state and an important step forward in recognizing the contributions of immigrants." Illinois is poised to become the first state to create a private scholarship fund for children of undocumented Latinos, he said.

The bill, the coalition said, shows Illinois "is not only an immigrant-friendly state but also a national leader on moving fair, humane and practical solutions forward."

This makes you wonder if the Politicians, and those involved in the Illinois DREAM Act, could be arrested under federal law for aiding and abetting criminals?


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Anonymous said...

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Governor Jerry Brown,

I’m a native Californian 28 years of age struggling in an industry littered with persons with higher education, me, well I couldn’t afford to go to college. I tried for many years to receive financial aid but according to FASA at the time, my parents made enough money to send me on their own dime. So I was denied the aid and ultimately had to drop out from college because my parents refused to pay for my tuition they were more concerned with their retirement funds.

Today I have more hands on experience then my fellow co-workers all of which have degrees but still find myself at the bottom of the totem pole even with over 8 years of professional, in the field know how, I’m still not adequately compensated. I ask for a new position that guarantees more pay that I’m already over qualified for and what does my employer say, “you don’t have the paper (degree) sorry, unless you attend higher education you don’t qualify”. Now I turn on the television, read in the papers, that Governor Jerry Brown wants to invest over $1.7billion of State money to send illegal immigrants to college on tax payer’s dime, mine as well, who also is in need of higher education to be competitive in my own native state. So not only do I find myself competing for a promotion, higher pay that I’m due with fellow native or at least US Citizens I will soon will be competing with illegals for the natural rights of a US Born Citizen and my tax dollars made it all possible.

Governor Brown, let’s work on ways to help US Citizens the ones that actually matter, the ones that ACTUALLY PAY TAXES, not the ones that only spend it, waste it, and end up in a CA Prison. What a waste of taxes payer’s money!