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Monday, May 2, 2011

Don Giljum Accepted Communist Award in Government Labor Union Hall; Is 2nd AFL-CIO Leader to Receive A Communist Award

Don Giljum is the now infamous, newly former AFL-CIO Business Representative of IUOE local 148 and the Professor at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) who was caught with another Professor, Judy Ancel at the University of Missouri Kansas City(UMKC), talking about industrial sabotage, violence and Communism in a Labor Studies Class. Both Don and Judy even allowed the head organizer of the St. Louis and Kansas City Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Tony Pecinovsky, to come and talk to their college classes about Union Leadership and the Communist Party.

As bad as that seems, Don Giljum crossed the line from the spoken word to action this weekend when he took a swing at a Citizen Journalist who asked him about his statements that he made about industrial sabotage. The Citizen Journalist was arrested by UMSL campus police for trespassing but was shortly released.

As you can see, Don Giljum is the type of man who isn't afraid to back up his talk of violence with actual violence, but that isn't the only thing he isn't "all talk" about. Don even takes the concept of Union Leadership and the Communist Party literally.

On Saturday April 25th, 2009 in St. Louis Missouri, Don Giljum received the 'Peace and Justice ' Award at the 17th Annual Hershel Walker awards ceremony put on by the CPUSA' Friends of People's World. ' Ironically the contact person for the event was none other than Don's favorite Communist, Tony Pecinovsky.

Where would the CPUSA hold such an event?

At the local AFL-CIO Postal Workers' Union Hall of course.

Here is the advertisement from the CPUSA news, People's World:

"St Louis, MO April 25, Sat., 9:30 a.m. Missouri/Kansas Friends of People’s Weekly World host the 17th Annual Hershel Walker ‘Peace & Justice’ Awards Breakfast. Keynote speaker: Margarida Jorge, Nat’l Field Dir HCAN (Health Care for America Now!). Awardees: Lara Granich, Exec Dir Missouri Jobs with Justice, Don Giljum, Bus Mgr Operating Engineers Local 148, VP of St. Louis Central Labor Council, Maida Coleman, former 5th Dist Sen & current candidate for mayor. At the Postal Workers' Union hall, 1717 S. Broadway. Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at door. Tables $150. Program booklet ads: full page, $400; half-page, $200; quarter page, $100. Send checks payable to: MO/KS PWW, 438 N. Skinker, St Louis, MO 63130. Info: Tony Pecinovsky at 314-5xx-9xxx or tonypec@sbcgxxxx.net."

It appears that Don was so grateful for the CPUSA award, that in 2010 the CPUSA 7th Annual Working Class Media & Democracy Forum was held at Don's own IUOE Local 148 Union Hall. Don even attended the 18th Annual CPUSA Hershel Walker Awards Ceremony that year and had his picture taken with his favorite Communist Buddy, Tony Pecinovsky:

But Don isn't the only AFL-CIO leader to receive a CPUSA award in the past several years.

John Olson, the President of the AFL-CIO in Connecticut, received the CPUSA Amistad Award at the James Hillhouse public high school in 2010. During his acceptance speech, Mr. Olson expressed his appreciation for the CPUSA:

"Anyone who stands with me for workers' rights, I stand with them," said John Olsen to loud applause as he acknowledged the Communist Party and took a strong stand against fear mongering and baiting, including the anti-socialist baiting of President Barack Obama."

It is quickly becoming apparent that the AFL-CIO doesn't have any issues with not only hiring Communists, but also working with an organization that was created, funded and run by the U.S.S.R. up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, the CPUSA.

And if Don Giljum ever reads this might I make a suggestion?

After your attack on that Citizen Journalist, Don, you may want to give back that "Peace and Justice" award because your actions were neither Peaceful nor Just.

Besides, the CPUSA may have their First Annual Don Giljum Awards for "Marxism and a Weak Right Hook"..

And guess who is on the Top of the List to receive it?

Don Giljum, Imagine that....



Van said...

Nicely done Patch.

And now I can stow away my handful of links for the googly blind who say "Communist?! You're making that up! Why I've worked in his union for years, and never heard nuttin' bout him bein a commie!", and just point them here.

Huey Long said...

Patch - Simply put, you and your ilk are idiots. Useful idiots. . .