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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Commies Scared Universities May Hire "Less Controversial" Teachers Due to Judy Ancel & Don Giljum

By now many of you have heard about Judy Ancel and Don Giljum, teachers in the University of Missouri system that were caught teaching industrial sabotage, violence and Communism to their college students. All week my fellow Missouri bloggers and I have been exposing Don Giljums's radical Communist background as well as Judy Ancel's Communist Connections and apparent hate for most things American.

It seems the sudden realization that most Americans aren't very happy having Radical Marxists teach their children in college, which helped lead to the firing of Don Giljum, is news to those on the left...including the Communists.

According to an Article in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World, the Communists Fear that Universities are going to start hiring "less controversial" teachers:

"Rutgers University history professor Norman Markowitz, a leader of the Rutgers AAUP chapter and expert on the 1940s and 1950s anti-communist witch-hunts, likened the Breitbart attack to that period. The danger, he said, is that scholars "may begin to engage in the kind of self-censorship that characterized McCarthyism," and cowardly administrators may collaborate.

"Under pressure from administrators, departments and programs may begin to hire 'less controversial' teachers and scholars, which also occurred during the period we call McCarthyism," he said."

Oh it's such a travesty that "controversial" teachers, like Communist leaning ones, may have to censor themselves or may not be hired because of their views.

I'm sorry but isn't that the point of EXPOSING teachers like this? So that they CAN'T influence our children???

These two paragraphs do tell me one thing.

If the Commies are Worried that they are going to have to go back into Hiding...

Then those of us labeled "Anti-Commies" are doing our Job....



Anonymous said...

even for fascists this is pretty funny. When was a fascist a poed patriot? Remember, your Hitler only had one ball. You probably have none
Better Red than an Idiot
P.S. If you were around in 1776, you would call the real patriots "commies." As for the tea party, the closest any of you little league strom troopers came to Sam Adams was the beer.

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