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Sunday, May 29, 2011

AFL-CIO and CPUSA Relationship Grows: AFL-CIO Youth Group Representative Participated in Communist "Red School" Bus Stop

Several months ago I reported on the Young Communist League's (YCL) National "Red School Bus Tour". The "School Bus Stops" have included Los Angeles CA, New Haven CT and now Chicago Illinois.

But the YCL's 'School' isn't only limited to Communists. According to an article on the Communist Party USA News, People's World, a Youth Leader from the AFL-CIO was in attendance during the recent stop in Chicago:

"A representative from the AFL-CIO's youth group participated in a panel discussion and argued for the importance of unions and young workers' rights on the job."

The YCL members even had an AFL-CIO tour guide when they visted the Haymarket memorial on the last day of "classes":

"At the Haymarket memorial, Tim Yeager, secretary treasurer of UAW Local 2320 and member of the Illinois Labor History Society, gave a presentation about its significance and the conditions that led to the massacre itself."

There appears to be an increasing trend of the AFL-CIO and the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) working together in the past several years.

In Connecticut, an AFL-CIO state president accepted a CPUSA Award and even proclaimed his approval of the CPUSA working with the AFL-CIO during his acceptance speech.

In Missouri a University of Missouri Labor Studies professor, and AFL-CIO Business Representative, allowed a CPUSA Organizer to recruit in his class. He had also received a CPUSA award and attended other awards ceremonies. He even had gone as far as to become a member of the CPUSA.

The CPUSA has even held awards ceremonies at two AFL-CIO unions halls in St. Louis in the past several years.

Last year, the President of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Newspaper Guild was the main speaker at a CPUSA award ceremony. The same ceremony where the President , now Vice- President, of the Local American Postal Workers Union (AFL-CIO) accepted a CPUSA Award. Let me not fail to mention the fact that the St. Louis Newspaper's Guild is rife with CPUSA members and sympathizers. They even elected an avowed Communist, and CPUSA member, to be their Guild delegate to the AFL-CIO St. Louis Labor Council.

As you can see the relationship between the AFL-CIO and the CPUSA is not only strong in some areas of the country, like Missouri, but is continuing to grow.

While some may dismiss these connections as minor and unimportant...I would suggest where there is smoke there is fire.

And for the CPUSA to have been so thoroughly accepted by the AFL-CIO is proof that this 'relationship' isn't just a local trend....

But one that is most likely very widespread and possibly the 'Norm' for the AFL-CIO.


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