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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

13 Year Old Questioned by Secret Service Without Mother's Permission

According to Breitbart TV:

"The young boy was questioned by Secret Service for his Facebook posting. His school allowed the interrogation to take place without the 13-year-old boy's mother present."



Anonymous said...

Oh please feel free to trash the comment that I am about to write as I am sure someone will.
So let me get this straight we used our tax dollars to fly the secret service to talk to him about his post, At his schoo, without his mother being present. The kid is thirteen and I am not saying thirtenn year olds cant come up with some pretty bad things. But come on. Why doesnt the government just do what they always do and waist money by putting them under servalence for weeks and then lets take him to his school infront of all of his friends and teachers and embarass him. Well if he didnt have a bad thought in his head before I bet it has crossed his mind now after what they put him through!

Anonymous said...

This whole situation is insane. It sickens me to see how far removed the parents are in regard to their own children.

I see the 1st Amendment being squelched and the 4th Amendment line being crossed. I know there are fuzzy lines where personal effects are concerned concerning data that leaves one's personal PC and enters the cyberworld, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth for what may take place in the future for everyone.

Going beyond the violation of this teen boy's rights under the Constitution, what about guerrilla tactics used in nabbing him at his school, rather than in his home, with his mother, where the offense occurred? I hope this mother brings forth some weighted complaints against the agency(ies) involved in this infringement.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify my meaning in regard to, "It sickens me to see how far removed the parents are in regard to their own children." I didn't mean that the parents remove themselves from their children, at least not in this particular situation, though in my opinion they do in a plethora of others, I meant that Big Bro has intercepted and divided children from their parents and parents from their children. It is because of this dynamic that we should all be afraid, be very afraid.

H.C. said...

What gets me, is that that his Facebook comments were screened!
Was this just a test for the rest of us!!!!????