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Friday, April 8, 2011

Uber Liberal: Elect Hillary 2012; Obama is a Total Failure

Even the Uber Liberals are beginning to turn on Obama. According to a Liberal You Tube talking head, Really Rick, the Left wing of the Democratic Party has had enough of Obama. Here is what Really Rick has to say:

"I, like many others, reluctantly supported Barack Obama for President when candidate Hillary Clinton asked me to in 2008. However after 4 years of this President it has become clear that he has no idea what he is doing and has lost any crediblity to lead. As a staunch Democrat I feel it is time for a drastic change and the person to do that is none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton! Join me in a grassroots effort to draft Hillary Clinton to challenge Brack Obama for the Democratic nomination!"

Granted 'Rick' Doesn't like people on the Right, but this is one of the first Liberals that I have seen so far that will go on the record as to saying they want Obama out.

Nice to see that the left isn't as unified as they would liek us all to believe.


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Monkey King said...

Bad idea, Hillary Clinton's ability to lead the nation, well, any nation, is in doubt.

Lied about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia (easily debunked and fact checked), only real experience in governance was as a governor's wife, then as a president's wife, When the Wikileaks thing happened, show complete incompetence by disregarding it as a mere prank. She can't hack it as Secretary of State, will be even worse as president.

Having Obama as president is like asking a first year pre-med student to do a heart transplant. Having Hillary Clinton as POTUS will be the same, the only difference is that she's got the first season of "House" on DVD as reference material.

wv: "outrag" pissed off, but too broke to buy the last "e".