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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trump: I Love the Tea Party

Here is a Video recorded after Donald Trump's Speech at the Tea Party in Boca Raton.

Talk about Kissing Butt...



Chuck said...

"Donald Trump said he will not decide about a possible run for the presidency until after the current season of "Celebrity Apprentice" wraps up. Say what you want about Trump, at least this guy has his priorities in order. He doesn't want to let any reality get in the way of his reality show." –Jay Leno

Hunter Patch Can You Help US Consider Please President Obama is doing i think "Good" for all Peoples rich or poor disavanted or advantaged. The rich benefit when the poor are healthier who will do their labor? who will build their homes. Will a third, forth party further divide us? no one is perfect but one that searches for the good for all might be close.
They could use some Humor in the White House! Thanks Dr. Adams

H.C. said...

Yeah, he was in Boca Raton.....so was Allen West.
If he is a consideration for V.P., I am hooked...
Allen would keep him in line :)