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Monday, April 4, 2011

Radical Communist Youth Leader is also an OFA Rally Organizer

Ohhh to be young again. Your hopes for the future, the excitement of falling in love and being strong in your convictions about supporting President Obama, Communism, Violent Revolution and Anarchy. While that may not describe most peace loving Americans, it does describe Jordan "Red Skin" Farrar.

Jordan "Red Skin" Farrar (Pictured above second from right) is the National Coordinator for the Young Communist League (YCL) and Co-Organizer of the Communist "Red" School Bus Tour. Jordan also has aspirations about running for President in 2020. While this seems harmless enough Jordan has a much Darker, Radical Side.

On the Young Communist League Facebook page there is a picture of supposed communist, Woody Guthrie. The Picture is titled "What Would Woody Do"? The saying on Woody's Guitar answers that question:

Who does Jordan label as fascists?

Well according to Jordan's Presidential Campaign Facebook page, Tea Partiers:

September 12th and 13th 2009 were the days where Millions of Tea Party supporters gathered to Protest in Washington D.C. It's nice to know that Jordan was one of those counter protesters screaming and yelling at Tea Party members. I'm just glad Jordan didn't ask "What would Woody do?" at the counter protest.

Jordan Farrar is also listed on You Tube as 'Comrade Jordan', and he describes himself as:

"a Marxist-Leninist from Baltimore Maryland and your worst fucking nightmare!"

Here is a screen shot of his You Tube page:

Jordan just posted a video taken at the most recent stop on the Communist "Red School Tour" which was in New Haven, Connecticut. In the video it shows Young Communists learning a form of martial arts all set to music that encourages Violence and Revolution. The first song in the video is titled "It's Bigger than Hip Hop" sung by Dead Prez. The lyrics of the song outright call for violence:
"White folks says it controls your brain I know better than that
That's game and we ready for that two soldiers head of the pack
Matter of fact who got the gat? And where my army at?

Rather attack than not react.."
The second song near the end of the video I can't identify, but it refers to 'Comrades' and 'taking back the city' with more 'thumpers' (aka guns).

Here is the Video, Warning! Strong Language:

The actual Dead Prez music video portrays a "People's Army" and calls for "warriors" to "unite" and claims that "Our time is Now". This music video is eerily similar to Jordan's video of the Young Communist League Gathering because both highlight groups of people apparently learning to fight. At the .27 sec mark you can even see the corner of a Che Guevara poster being held up above the crowd. To coincide with the video's obvious Marxist theme, they even use subtitles that are set in the style of old Soviet type lettering.

Here is the Video Warning! Strong Language!:

Because of Jordan's apparent interest in Revolution, he has gone so far as to try and unite the Young Communist League with Anarchists. On the Young Communist League Facebook page there are pictures of a gathering between Jordan Farrar with his young Communists and Anarchists. Below is a Picture of Jordan, and some of those in attendance, taken in front of a large piece of paper that was signed by all who were there (Jordan is circled in red):

Below is a picture of the "Sign" on the wall behind Jordan. Notice the Anarchy and Communist symbols along with the word Revolution in Spanish. Jordan's signature is below the blue hammer and sickle on the left:

Here is another sign at the event that calls for "Revolutionaries" to "Unite":

Early this year Sam Webb, leader of the CPUSA, called for the Communists to begin working more closely with Democrats in order to help push forward a Progressive Agenda.

It seems Jordan is ahead of the curve.

According to Organizing for America's (OFA)website, Jordan Farrar is not only a member of OFA but organized a Rally in 2009 to support Obama's Health Care Bill. This wasn't a small rally either, the event took place in the Senator Theater in Baltimore MD and the speakers included the head of the local NAACP, a city councilmen and a Representative from Congress:
"A night of speakers, music, and rallying for the public option at the historic Senator Theater in Baltimore MD. Speakers include the president of the Baltimore City NAACP Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham, City Councilman Bill Henry and more. Also featuring the music of ellen cherry along with hip-hop and other acts. Come support the Public Option with a night of music and making your voices heard!"
Here is a screen shot from OFA, notice the name of the "Host":

Jordan even advertised the event on his Facebook page:

Surprisingly (or not), Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings was the Congressman that spoke at Jordan's Official OFA Rally.

I wonder if Representative Cummings realized that the Rally was organized by a Radical, Revolutionary Communist. After listening to Representative Cummings speech I don't think he would have cared.

Here is the Video of his speech:

Isn't it nice to know that President Obama's Organization, OFA, is willing to work with Anyone...

Even a Radical Communist who supports Violent Revolution and Anarchy.

That's the Kind of Change Karl Marx can Believe In!


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Kunsthausmann said...

PWA, this recent development in Chicago might be good for CPUSA's recruiting efforts in Chicago. Of course, the subsidy can be spun as pro-labor. Perhaps all that the commies would want to change about the deal is the fact that capitalists will profit from it. But that can be corrected.

Panel approves $20.5-million TIF subsidy for steelmaker

TIF: Tax Increment Financing, basically a wealth redistribution racket operated by taxgatherers for the benefit of crony capitalits, esp. real estate developers and construction companies but sometimes for manufacturers, too, as the present case shows.