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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Progressive Thug Arrested At Phoenix Tea Party Rally

Acccording to Tucson Citizen.com, a Progressive Thug that was harassing people who attended the April 15th Tea Party in Phoenix was arrested by police:

"Timothy R. Coomer, 39, was intimidating people in the front row of the “Feet to the Fire” tea party rally held on the Senate and House lawns at the state capitol building between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m, said DPS Officer Bob Bailey. Coomer was sitting on his bicycle in an area for the media when authorities arrived. He became belligerent when police and event organizers asked him to leave, Bailey said, and he also resisted arrest but eventually was taken into custody and booked into Fourth Avenue Jail. Coomer has been arrested before on suspicion of marijuana possession, Bailey said."

Tensions were high at the Tea Party Rally as this video of Sheriff Joe's speech will attest. During his entire speech a counter protester does his best to drown out Sheriff Joe with a bull horn:

2 other people were arrested at the Tea Party Rally but there are no details on those arrests.

Here is a Video from a local news station on the event. It appears the event got a little crazy. The elderly gentleman yelling at the counter protester is a great example of what not to do:



Anonymous said...

Kunsthausmann said...

When dealing with a cop--any cop-- many problems are solved by remembering that without cops, socialists would have no professionals to enforce their despotisms against those with enough sense to disdain them.

Without cops, the leaders among socialists would have to risk their own necks, and no bleeding hearted dandy or work-shy intellectual wants to do that. In fact, without a long tradition of copcraft in Germany, Russia, Cuba, and Korea prior to the socialistic takeovers there during the past 100 years, whence cometh the readiness of the public to tolerate those tyrannies?

Let's now consider the common complaint that immigrants go to western Europe and N. America to take advantage of generous welfare programs. Indeed they do, and indeed there ought to be no possibility for them to do so. But remember that the people who make the complaint are generally the same ones with a servile and fawning attitude toward cops. (And they are usually the warmongers and advocates for military socialism, too. Big surprise, right?) So when they complain that immigrants are getting a free ride and that there should be no such thing as uncontrolled immigration until the welfare state is eliminated, the correct response is this:

"You brought this problem on us."

Also, try not to forget that Sheriff Joe is a taxfeeder, just like every cop and every welfare queen. So Sherriff Joe is not your friend but your enemy, just like the turd with the bullhorn.

Do not now protest that there'd be no liberty without cops. If that were true, then copcraft could not possibly be founded upon liberty as it is popular to imagine.

Robert said...

Unbiased journalism, eh? If you only watched the first 45 seconds of that news story, you'd think it was the Tea Partiers arrested for violence, not the moonbat counter-protesters. Who I guess are protesting....accountability?

Anonymous said...

Go get em' Joe. America loves you!