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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Place to Be This Friday Night in St. Louis: Art For A Cure 2011

Friday April 22nd in St. Louis Missouri there will be a Fabulous Event called Art For A Cure 2011.

At the Famous Lemp Mansion from 7:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. baaware.org will be holding a fundraiser to help with research for a cure for Biliary Atresia.

According to baaware.org Biliary Atresia is:
" an inflammation and blockage of the tiny tubes (bile ducts) that drain bile from inside the liver to the gall bladder and on to the small intestine. As a result of the blockage, bile becomes trapped in the liver causing scarring and eventually cirrhosis.
This disease begins very soon after birth and affects 1 in approximately 15,000 infants. There is a specific surgical treatment known as the Kasai procedure which has proven to be most successful if performed before two months of age, making early detection critical. Infants with Biliary Atresia generally appear normal at birth but develop jaundice at 2 to 3 weeks. Stools are pale in color and urine is dark. Sometimes, a swollen and firm abdomen may be present due to an enlarged liver. It is recommended that infants with jaundice beyond four weeks be tested for Biliary Atresia.

The majority of patients require a liver transplant before 15 years of age. Liver transplantation in children has a very high success rate and brings great hope for Biliary Atresia patients.

It is our mission to help find a cause and a cure for this disease. We promote Biliary Atresia awareness and the importance of organ donation. We support those battling Biliary Atresia. We raise funds which go directly to the research of Biliary Atresia at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and to needy families who are affected by this disease."
Art For A Cure will not be your everyday Fundraising Art Show. While there will be 25 Art pieces to bid on as well as 15 Silent Auctions, there will also be Entertainment, Appetizers, a Dessert Buffet and several types of Beer. There will even be attendance prizes for those who pre-purchase tickets! Come Dressed for FUN!

For More Information go to the Art for the Cure Facebook Page or to Buy Tickets for the Event Go Here.

Food, Fun, Art and Good Friends getting together for a Great Cause!

Is There A Better Way To Spend a Friday Night?!!

Hope To See You There!!


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