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Friday, April 15, 2011

NH Democratic State Rep: "Ignoring the Federal Government is Treason"

A New Hampshire Democrat claims that ignoring the Federal Government is an act of treason. I think he is referring to some states who wish to exempt themselves from certain Federal laws like Obamacare, or Republicans who wish to vote on such laws that exempt their states (To be honest it's not real clear). The video goes on to show a progressive woman who goes off on a tangent about how Libertarians don't want to pay for her sick son's care.


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Anonymous said...

That lady seems to be confused. It’s not libertarians or conservatives who want to isolate her son. We applaud and encourage her son’s independence. It's the Left that creates victims and “socializes” us according to our differences, then compensates us in ways that keep us in our respective corners. She seems to erroneously think that help only comes from government. I suggest that the worst kind of help comes from government. There are lots of disadvantaged people who work in the private sector and they’re free to seek other opportunities and better themselves as they wish. There are charitable organizations that help people become self-sufficient. Government programs tend to keep them eternally dependent on the State.