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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missouri, Politicians, Professors, Radical Communists and the JWJ

(From Left)Fidel Castro, Steven Tilley, Che Guevara,Client Zweifel (Far Right) Judy Ancel

Normally when someone would think of Missouri visions of the Gateway Arch, the Lake of the Ozarks or maybe the National World War I museum might pop into their head. But lately those visions are being replaced by union sabotage, hatred for America and Communists.

It would seem that the Communists have been busy in the heart of the Midwest getting politicians elected, working with unions and Democrats while at the same time infiltrating Universities.

Recently several videos were released showing University of Missouri Professors Judy Ancel and Don Giljum teaching union sabotage and Communism.

That isn't surprising considering Don Giljum is a Communist and a Graduate of the Jobs with Justice (JWJ) Leadership Program in 2008. Oddly enough Judy Ancel is also heavily associated with Communists through the same Union allied organization JWJ of Kansas City.

Ironically a good friend of both Judy and Don is the Communist radical organizer Tony Pecinvosky. Tony is on the Leadership Team of the St. Louis JWJ while also performing as a writer for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World and is the head organizer of the CPUSA in St. Louis. Tony was even invited by Don and Judy to speak to their University students about his hatred for America's flag and how to defeat the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coincidentally the University of Missouri isn't the only 'higher place of learning' where Communist Radical Tony Pecinovsky has friends through JWJ.

A long time critic of the St. Louis Tea Party, and teacher's assistant at Washington University, Adam Joseph Shriver, is also a Member of the St. Louis JWJ Leadership Team. And according to Adam's two Facebook pages, Tony and Adam are friends.

But the support for the Communist Loving Missouri JWJ isn't restricted to just University professors and teachers assistants. JWJ has their fair share of political support as well.

During the 10th Anniversary of the St. Louis Jobs with Justice, a special keynote speaker was selected, Missouri Democrat Clint Zweifel. Serving alongside Clint on the Host Committee for the event was Communists Tony Pecinovsky, Jim Wilkerson and Julie Terbrock.

Another Missouri Politician that doesn't seem to mind the Communist influence of the Missouri JWJ is Congressmen Lacy Clay. Not only does Congressman Clay list JWJ as a friend on Facebook, he even serves on JWJ 's Workers Rights Board.

Other Missouri Politicans listed on the JWJ Workers Rights Board are:

Rep.John Bowman,Missouri House of Representatives
Senator Joan Bray,Missouri Senate
Senator Maida Coleman,Missouri Senate
Senetor Rita Days, Missouri Senate
The Rev. James Morris, Lane Tabernalce CME, MO House of Representatives
Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford, MO House of Representatives

Other Public 'friends'of this Communist Organization, the JWJ, are St. Louis County Public Official Charlie Dooley and Progressive Reporter Charles Jaco of Fox 2 News.

JWJ works with unions and Democrats from around the state in order to either push or stop certain pieces of legislation. But occasionally a Republican now and then will find themselves on the same side as the Communists at the JWJ.

Case in point, the Missouri JWJ and local unions oppose the Missouri Legislature's attempts to pass a recent Right to Work bill. Right to work could be used as a tool to de-fund many of the unions who's leadership have be co-opted by Communists, like the AFL-CIO. This is possible because it allows workers to decide if they wish to support the union at their workplace financially.

Who would oppose such an Idea?

Well Communist supporting Judy Ancel for one and Missouri Republican Speaker of the House Steven Tilley. Steven Tilley said in a recent video that such legislation is not a 'priority', but I believe that Rep. Tilley's comments earlier on a different piece of legislation more clearly define his true position:

“We don’t want to go from being a state that is anti-business and become a state that is anti-worker."

Rep. Tilley seems to believe that any legislation that may empower freedom loving workers in the State of Missouri to help remove the Communist influence on the unions' leadership isn't a priority. Oddly coincidental, Judy Ancel doesn't either. But it's not surprising because Steven Tilley has a habit of aligning himself with Radical Extremists.

So as you can see, the Communist loving JWJ seems to be a gathering place for 'like minded' people be they, University Professors, Politicians or Communist Radicals.

If the State of Missouri keeps funding learning institutions who allow Communism to be taught in their halls and the voters of Missouri keep electing Politicians who openly collaborate with Radical Communist, then eventually the only image that will pop into someones mind when thinking about the Show-Me-State is...

The Hammer and Sickle.


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Van said...

Excellent job tying the threads together Patch.

Our problem today isn't that we have to be looking under our beds to find communists, all we have to do is simply stand up and look to the left... and to the right.