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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lindsey Graham: 'Free Speech is a Great Idea but We are At War'

It appears Lindsey Graham is a bit confused about what 'Freedom' means. It is not something you turn on and off when it suits you and it is EXACTLY what our Men and Woman in uniform are putting their lives at risk for....FREEDOM.

The Qur'an burning wasn't necessarily smart or in good taste but to say that at times of War Freedom of speech should be put on hold is very disturbing.

Can you say HUGE Disconnect from Reality?

Hat Tip Breitbart TV.



Anonymous said...

It's patriotic to defend free speech, and in America burning our flag has ben considered free speech by the courts. But speech has consequences and they need to be anticipated. That fool who burned the Quran may have been legally entitled to do so, but he has the blood of eight innocent people and five rioters on his hands. Pretty good score for a man of God, wouldn't you say? At one time the courts allowed idiots to be castrated, but not anymore. Perhaps one of you Patriots could sneak up on this man who has disgraced our country and give him a little free speech.

Anonymous said...

The bedrock of our freedoms is that they are not subject to anyone's values.

What consequences did the KKK in Skookie, Illinois anticipate? What consequences did the creator of the Cruxifix in urine anticipate? Free expression is 'free' because it does not consider consequences, or the feelings of those it offends. We have chosen as a nation to ignore those with whom we disagree, not confront them. It has worked well for us so far, but we have to continue expressing our commitment to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In future days, we may need to express our support for our economic system against organized civil disobedience.

America's history is one of allowing dissent, and ignoring the fools. This pastor, who calls himself a Christian, is obviously lacking an understanding of what Christ taught, because he does not live his example. He may label himself 'Christian' but many other 'Christians' certainly disagree. There are also certainly self described 'Christians' and other traditions who agree with him.

We as a political people, do have a decision to make: do we continue to practice our freedom in our sovereign nation, as we always have, or do we allow one sector of the population
(nationally or internationally) to intimidate us? Consider the daily statistics of Islamic violence in the world at http://www.globalincidentmap.com/ Can Islamic peoples assimilate and embrace our laws or not? What does history tell us?

I do not want a nation without freedom, and that includes the Islamic judicial tradition known as Sharia. Assimilation means accepting that some Americans will not respect you, and will use their free expression to offend you, regardless of where you came from. It is part of the burden of being a free people.