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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energy Secretary Chu on Global Warming: Brainwash Children to Help Change Behavior

Energy Secretary Chu explains how the Government can make people change their behavior, like losing their dependency on Oil, for the sake of Global Warming.

1. Regulations
2. Convince People to do the "Right" thing
3. BRAINWASH Children



H.C. said...
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Anonymous said...

Take a look at Al Gore's News station sometime ("Current", I get it on dierct tv...it is close to the Fox news channel).
It is a tool for youth recruitment to all left agenda.
You would not believe some of their videos of children in programming groups in schools and communities in Africa, and many other countries, who ARE programmed to Global Warming action and thought manipulated to ingrain the agendas and beliefs into their minds.
They are crazy, scary zombies, who are totally convinced.
(And God has NOTHING to do with what they believe!)
It is horrible!
And the grown up ones who now host some segments on the station, are a horrible look into the future, which is now!


Robert said...

Who knew the progressives would be the party of negative progress? The new Luddites have seized power.