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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church: Obama is Going to Hell

According to the You Tube Video:

"Margie Phelps, daughter of Fred Phelps, who runs the Westboro Baptist Church, tells Fox's Chris Wallace that President Obama is going to hell--and explains why."

This is what a Nut Job looks like.


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Anonymous said...

When God punishes a nation for its sins, its not personal. God would never punish a nation by punishing just a few hundred in that nation. God would punish the whole nation, everyone would be hurting. and who are WBBC that they should celebrate Gods supposed punishment of a nation, thats not of God, thats just plain hate. the bible teaches to LOVE your neighbor. why? is it that these pseudochristians always take a single verse or passage of bible scripture and base there whole beleif system on it , and ignore the rest of the bible?