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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Union Thugs Surround and Grab Old Man's Camera; Old Man Fights Back and is Tackled to the Ground

On March 15th in Houston Texas, members of SEIU as well as other Unions, came to the City hall in support of the Union Protests in Wisconsin.

An Old Man, being labeled as a Tea Partier, arrives to videotape the speeches.

While the old man did get a little too close to the speaker with his camera he began to back off. At that time he was surrounded by a large group of Union Supporters who continued to yell and berate the Old man. It all came to a head when a large male Union Supporter approached and grabbed the old man's camera (Pictured above). Feeling threatened, the old man fought back by swinging wildly, this prompted another union supporter to tackle him to the ground.

The police showed up and diffused the situation by escorting the old man out of the rally.

As the old man is being escorted by the police you can hear union supporters continue to berate him with one man even saying "we don't want your kind here, get outta here!"

Here is the Video:

Here is the same event from another angle:

While I do not agree with the old man's actions of getting too close to the speaker, the crowd should have never done what they did and gang up on an old man. If he was being a disruption they should have asked for the Police to escort the man out, not take the law into their own hands.


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