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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Union Protesters Carry Coffins to Wisconsin Capitol, Storm Building; Speaker Says: "Smells Like Revolution"

On March 3rd, Union Protesters held a Funeral where they placed two coffins in front of the capitol in Wisconsin. Some of the Protesters looked like they came out of a bad Conan the Barbarian movie and were dressed in animal skins and wearing antlers while blowing horns.

According to the You Tube Video:

"At approximately 6pm, the 8,000 plus participating in the Funeral March reached the State St. steps leading to the Wisconsin Capitol. The group had begun at the Library Mall and marched up the entire length of State St, led by three Krampus-costumed dancers and a Chicago-based Jazz band playing a variety of songs including Funeral March dirges. The group then assembled to listen to a handful of speeches. Near the end of this video there is a significant commotion caused by a protester stationed inside the Capitol opening a locked door which allowed a large group of marchers to rush the building which had been closed to the public for nearly a day."

During the first few minutes of the video, around the 2:29 mark, the speaker says to an ecstatic crowd:

"Coming down state street it smelled like pizza and Revolution."

The video continues on with another speaker identified as John Nichols and he claims, around the 7:00 mark:

"This isn't a funeral, this is the rebirth of Progressive Wisconsin."

But towards the end of the video someone was able to sneak into the capitol building and open an outer door. As soon as the crowd realized they could gain entrance, they turned and stormed the building.

Here is the Video:


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