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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unemployment Comp Extension Battle in Jefferson City Demonstrates Principles vs Politics as Usual

The Tea Party was spawned from citizens who were starving for the Principles of Small Constitutional Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Love of Liberty. With the introduction, and subsequent election, of Tea Party candidates into the Political Battlefield we are beginning to see what has not been seen for quite awhile, the Concept of Principles above Politics as Usual.

A great example of this new political 'breath of fresh air' is currently taking place in Jefferson City Missouri, where a battle over the extension of Unemployment Compensation is exposing the 'True Believers' from the Mouth Pieces.

According to an Article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Senator Jim Lembke, R-Lemay, Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, and Sen. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph all took part in a mini-filibuster against an Unemployment Benefits Extension Bill:

"The bill would authorize the state to spend $81 million in federal funds already approved by Congress. It's similar to unemployment extensions approved by the Legislature each of the past two years. But Lembke and two new Republicans in the Senate indicated they were drawing a line in the sand against spending federal dollars.

"We're all guilty," Lembke said, talking about how Republicans had voted in the past to spend federal dollars. "Does that mean we shouldn't take a stand at some point?"

This seemed to annoy an establishment Politician who has yet to see the 'Tea Party' light, Republican president pro tem of the Senate, Sen. Rob Mayer:

"Mayer told Lembke during debate that saying no to the federal funds didn't actually save taxpayers any money.

"Where would that $81 million go?" Mayer asked.

"China," Nieves answered.

That's not true, Mayer said. He said the money would be distributed to other states."

So Senator Mayer is one of those that believes we might as well take the Federal Money because if we don't it will just go to someone else and it's not saving any money anyway?

I guess the Concept of Living by your Principles are New to Him. With an attitude like that, Mr. Mayer can expect the votes he might get from Tea Party minded voters to act like the Federal Money and go somewhere else.

What Senator Nieves, Lembke and others seem to have understood, and what politicians like Mayer have not, is that Now is the Time 'To Grow a Pair' and put Principles over Politics as Usual.

This Nation will Not Survive if All We Continue to see is Establishment Politicians continue on with ' The Usual'.

What this Nation is Starving for, What it Really Needs, are Leaders who are willing to Follow the Right Principles of Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility.

And It seems we are Beginning to See a Glimmer of that Necessary Leadership...

In the Heart of the United States...... Jefferson City, Missouri.



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