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Thursday, March 10, 2011

SEIU Uses Wisconsin Protests as an Excuse to Fund Raise for the Democratic Party

SEIU, a long time friend of the Obama administration, has decided to utilize the "Crisis" in Wisconsin in an unusual way...
As a Fund Raiser for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.
According to an e-mail blast sent out by SEIU, they are encouraging their members to Donate Money to eh Wisconsin Democratic Party to help in the Recall effort of Governor Walker:

"Late Wednesday night, Republicans in Wisconsin's State Senate used the nuclear option to ram through a controversial bill attacking working families.

They gamed the rules and did this under the cover of night.

Scott Walker and the Republicans’ ideological war on the middle class and working families is now indisputable, and their willingness to shred 50 years of labor peace, bipartisanship, and Wisconsin’s democratic process to pass a bill that 74% of Wisconsinites oppose is beyond reprehensible and possibly illegal.

Walker and the GOP were lying this whole time - this attack on workers’ rights never had anything to do with fixing the state’s budget.

Working families in Wisconsin are fighting back by mounting recall campaigns against Republican State Senators who just took an axe to the middle class.

Please make a donation today and help support the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s recall efforts:


Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans have been trying to take away workers’ rights for almost a month. They would have succeeded sooner were it not for the courageous actions of workers in the streets of Wisconsin...and Senate Democrats, who left the state to prevent any vote.

Let’s stand with the middle class and send a strong message: not one of us will back down in the face of Republican attacks.

Donate today to support the already-inspiring efforts to recall Republicans who’ve attacked Wisconsin working families:


In solidarity,
Brandon Davis, SEIU Political Director

PS - A poll in two of the targeted state senate districts that just dropped minutes ago shows that a strong majority would vote to recall Senators Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper. Donate now and make it happen: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/widemsupport"


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