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Thursday, March 17, 2011

SEIU Local President Attacks Immigration Enforcement

Recently 240 SEIU members were fired because it was discovered they were illegal aliens.

Law Abiding Citizens are celebrating this as an example that maybe the Federal Government is doing it's job by enforcing immigration law.

But not All People are happy about it...

According to an Article on Politico, Local Minnesota SEIU Chapter 26 President, Javier Morillo, thinks the firings are because of "Reckless Policy":

"Under the leadership of Secretary Napolitano the federal government has become an employment agency for the country’s worst employers. With each I-9 audit, the government is systematically pushing hardworking people into the underground economy where they face exploitation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports targeting egregious employers that exploit workers – but it’s become increasingly obvious that this policy is nothing short of lip service. Let’s be clear: I-9 audits, by definition, do not go after egregious employers who break immigration laws because many of them do not use I-9 forms. Human traffickers do not ask their victims for their social security cards.

Secretary Napolitano, Director Morton and the agencies they represent are at the forefront of a damaging policy shift in this country – one in which good, hardworking people are hand-delivered to the underground economy. SEIU fights for economic justice across this country, and we can no longer sit silently while communities are devastated by reckless policies."

So it would seem that a Local President of SEIU thinks that enforcing the law isn't as important as breaking it. But For once, it's nice to see SEIU complaining about the Administration, instead of supporting it.

Enjoy it while it lasts......

I'm sure it will be short lived.


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