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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ralph Nader & Jesse Jackson Call for Student Revolution

Yesterday I posted an Article about how the Communist Party USA predicts a Civil War and today we have Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader calling for a Student Revolution.

Who is supposed to be the Violent Rhetoic ones again???? Oh thats right it's not the left.. it's the Tea Party.

Hat Tip The Blaze



Anonymous said...

I am a little disappointed in the headline. Nothing wrong with encouraging a non violent revolution. After all, didn't we just have one when we created the Tea Party, wrested control of the House from the bums that created our financial meltdown, and elected thinking governors and state assemblies to thwart the ruinous policies of the tax and spend Dems?

NoMore said...

Well, not in alliance with Jesse Jackson or reference to violent revolution in Egypt, which seem all too convenient a reference, these days.