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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Out of Touch?: Obama to hold $30,000 Per Head DNC Fundraiser in... Harlem?

It seems that President Obama and the DNC are a tad out of touch in their fundraising efforts. According to an Article in the New York Daily News,Obama is going to use Harlem as a 'Prop' for a big, expensive fundraiser:

"President Obama is headed to Harlem for a $30,800-per-head political cash bash.

Obama's March 29 fund-raiser at the Red Rooster restaurant on Lenox Ave. will raise ducats for the Democratic National Committee.

The swank soiree in Harlem, an important local base of Obama's African-American support, is advertised as an intimate six-table affair, Politico.com first reported.

The President will also attend an invitation-only "Thank You Reception" at the Studio Museum on 125th St., minus the DNC fundraising.

Darren Rigger, one Harlem fund-raiser, raised his eyebrows at the price tag.

"It doesn't seem like it's going to be a Harlem event," Rigger said.

"At $30,000 a plate, it seems like you're going to see them ship in a lot of Wall Street/CEO/hedge fund types to come visit Harlem like they're visiting a tourist attraction," he added. "The Harlem aspect of it is more symbolic than it is genuine."

Further down in the Article the newspaper did a survey that claimed 71% of people didn't think the price tag was outrageous but just apart of Politics.

If we have gotten to the point where a $30,000 a head fundraiser using Harlem as a prop while shipping in Big Money "tourists" in for Dinner is ok....

Then it appears Obama's "Out of Touch" with reality attitude seems to be spreading like a disease.

(Picture from the reddogreport)

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