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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obama's 'Youth Corps' Coming to An Elementary School Near You

You send your kids to school everyday in the hopes that they will receive a good, honest education in reading, writing and arithmetic. But it would seem that the Obama Administration would like to add a few more subjects to the curriculum: Global Warming and Public Service.

All this week I have been breaking stories about President Obama's 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps. I have discovered that through this "Youth Corps" the Obama Administration, with the help of leftest organizations including SEIU, hope to indoctrinate your children into believing in Global Warming( The First Goal Listed on their Website is to reduce the impact of climate change on our natural resources), Social Justice and Collective Bargaining just to name a few. Now it seems that the Obama Administration wants to teach your kids about working for the Government.

According to the Department of Interior's pamphlet on the 'Youth Corps' one of the "goals" is to "engage" kids in Public Service:

"In the past, young people would aspire to careers in public service, working as park rangers, biologists,and recreation managers. Today, the appeal to work in natural resource jobs must compete with new vocational interests and careers that reflect our changing society. The Department must be proactive in its efforts to ensure that talented and capable young people are interested in entering public service as natural resource professionals.

The Department’s 2010 budget initiative identifies a three-pronged approach to:

• Engage youth in public service.
• Enhance science-based programs offered
through schools and community partners.
• Improve curricula of national environmental
education programs."

The Obama Administration seems to think that your kids need help in learning about Public Service in our 'Changing Society'. I assume he means our Society is going to change because of Global Warming.. But I digress.

As of right now, this Youth Corps is voluntary so if you don't want your kid influenced by the Radical Leftest you don't have to.

Or Do You?

According to the same Department of Interior's pamphlet on the 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps, they will be bringing Obama's Youth Corps to your Kid's School:

"Critical to the success of the 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps initiative is ensuring that students interested in natural resource careers gain the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify for Interior positions. The NCTC will work with learning institutions at elementary, middle and high schools, and at the college level to meet this goal."
So the Obama Administration is going to an Elementary School to find what? 1st Graders that want to work for the Government? Really? And it's "Critical to the Success" of Obama's Youth Corps? Why? Well the Pamphlet gives the answer to the question of Why:

"A body of research exists that suggests that childhood experiences with nature are associated with increased environmentalism."
So the idea is if Obama can get to your kids soon enough through the "Youth Corps" then they will become Good Little Indoctrinated Leftest Environmentalists.

But that's Not all.

The Obama Administration will also be using different Government Departments, like the Department of Land Management, to "engage" the Youth in the Conservation Corps. Because it would seem, according to the Pamphlet, the Administration sees these types of Youth Programs as the "Gateway" into Federal Service:

"Participants will learn while serving, and can earn stipends as well as college credits. For those interested in pursuing careers with natural resource management agencies, the Student Career Experience Program provides the gateway into Federal service."
So it would seem the Obama Administration is not only looking to indoctrinate your kids but to recruit them as well.

For those that need a reminder about the type of "Youth Corps" that the Obama Administration seems to relish, here is a Rather 'Militaristic ' Commercial from one of the Branches of AmeriCorps, City Year:

And if you think President Obama isn't aware of such an Organization then you may want to ask him why he wore a City Year Hat While Golfing.

Isn't it odd that Secretary of the Interior Salazar described the Youth of America as 'Engines of Change' and the City Year Commercial depicted their Young Recruits as Being 'Change'. The Obama Administration seems to be showing a Disturbing trend in their Actions. Be it your kids at School or kids in Government 'Youth' Programs like City Year, Obama seems determined to 'Change' the Youth of America into his Vision for the Future.
And of what I know of the President and his Political Leanings, that is one Hell of a Scary Socialist Future.

(Photo from the AP)



Anonymous said...

You did one hell of a job on this Patch. I will forward it all over the place.

Anonymous said...

When the common core standards are adopted in Science, this WILL be coming to a school near you. Did you know the EPA has been involved in schools for a number of years?


The "marriage" of the EPA and schools goes back at least 20 years. It's just getting cranked up.