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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Haven CT: Young Communist League to Protest With Unions During Next "Red School Bus" Tour Stop

The Young Communist League is taking a 'Red School Bus Tour' across the United States with their first stop being in Los Angeles California a month ago. Now the Communists are setting their sights on their second School Bus Stop, New Haven Connecticut.

The Young Communist League (YCL) plan on having their "Marxist" Classes at the Local Communist Party Headquarters in Connecticut next month:

"The next stop on the Red Bus Tour is New Haven, Connecticut, April 1st - 3rd at the New Haven Peoples Center. Activists from all over the east coast are expected. "We've been doing outreach to several youth organizations in New Haven," said Lisa, an organizer of the YCL school and conference, "There's a lot of excitement about it."

"At one outreach meeting, there was a big discussion about communism. We cleared up some people's misconceptions and expect a big delegation from the group," she said.

Hip Hop and spoken word artists, documentary filmmakers and other young artists plan to make presentations at the event. A slide show on the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students held last year in Pretoria, South Africa is also planned."

But spreading Marxism to the Youth of New Haven isn't enough. The YCL is also going to "March In Solidarity" at a Pro Union Rally while in New Haven:

"YCL members and other groups helping to organize the school in New Haven are participating in a March 30 march and rally, as part of the labor movement's April 4 protests around the country. "We're combining study and action," said Joelle Fishman, the Connecticut CPUSA chairperson. "It's an exciting moment."
It Is an exciting moment...

Because the 'Red Scare' is not only coming to the beautiful town of New Haven Connecticut.

But the Communists are going to March to Support the Unions as well.

I wonder what that would look like.........



Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. There are commies involved in every progressive demonstration just as there are white power idiots at every Teabagger rally.

No one really takes the commies seriously...

Try looking a little harder for boogeymen. Perhaps you might want to take a gander at all of the big corporate money that's bankrolling the Tea Party movement.

Anonymous said...

McCarthyism is alive and well. At a moment in which big corporate money is bankrolling Washington politics in favor of tax cuts for the rich, the people have to mobilize to defend their rights. The fact that a few Communists support these actions is irrelevant.