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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michael Moore on Republicans in Wisconsin: "This is War"

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It would seem that when the left don't get their way they throw the whole idea of civility out the window.

According to an Article on the Huffington Post, during Rachel Maddow's show yesterday, a lousy excuse for a Communist film maker, Michael Moore, started spewing violent rhetoric over the actions of Republicans in Wisconsin:

"On her Wednesday show, Rachel Maddow and filmmaker Michael Moore both agreed that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the state's Republicans will lose what Moore called a "class war" being waged against the working class.

The two were reacting to Wednesday's sudden passage of a measure in the Wisconsin Senate to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights--something only accomplished through an unheard-of parliamentary maneuver.

Before bringing Moore on, Maddow said that the Wisconsin Republicans had awoken a "dragon." And she sent a message to the Democrats as well. "When people who have to work for a living are directly attacked...they fight back," she said. "And they are expecting the Democratic Party to stand with them."

Moore then came on the show. He told people to go to Madison right away. "This is war," he said. "This is a class war."

So it would it seem that the calls by the President to "Tone Down the Rhetoric" was only aimed at those on the Right.

Because the Silence from the White House Condemning the Current Violent Rhetoric being spewed by the Left during these Union Protests in Wisconsin, is Deafening.



Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell that fat slob to shut up!

MaryS said...

Again.. Since when did this become the fight for this big blubbering tub of goo?? He needs to return to his buffet line in Hollywood and butt the hell out!