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Friday, March 18, 2011

Michael Moore Brainwashing?: 300 Illinois High School Students Walk Out of Class to Support Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin

Remember high school, ditching class, smoking in the boys room, shooting spit wads.. Oh those were the days.

Well it appears that today's high school students in Illinois are a bit more socially conscience than we were back in our day.

According to an Article in the Huffington Post, 300 high school students at Niles High school in Illinois walked out of class to support Collective bargaining in Wisconsin:

"Almost 300 students gathered outside of Niles West High School to protest Wisconsin's anti-union legislation on Thursday. Fearing the bill may have a domino effect and ultimately hit their hometown, the teens walked out of class in support of collective bargaining.

"This is obviously something that the government and big businesses are pushing, but the people don't want it at all and I know Illinois doesn't want it," said Alex Knorr, 18, a senior at Niles West and an organizer of the event."

According to the Skokie Patch, this walkout was inspired by Michael Moore:

"The idea of a walkout came after liberal filmmaker Michael Moore applauded Wisconsin high school students for organizing a mass walkout on March 10 to protest the anti-union legislation, which Republican Gov. Scott Walker enacted by signing the next day."

It also appears the kids were warned that if they attended the walkout, they could expect a detention slip the next day:

"The demonstration began around 2 p.m.--or eighth period, the second to last class of the school day--and lasted for about 40 minutes. Students were told by teachers that if they cut class to attend the protest, they could expect a detention slip the following day.

Niles West Principal Kaine Osburn said students would have to serve a detention for skipping class."

But while the Principle is making the kids serve detention, he is sympathetic:

"I think some students are legitimately demonstrating in civil disobedience," Osburn said as he observed the protest. "They love their teachers, had great experience with their teachers, and I'm sympathetic."

So we are either looking at a bunch of high school students fed alot of bull by someone, like Michael Moore, in order to encourage them to protest.


We see 300 high school kids who have come up with an idea to skip class and could care less about collective bargaining.

You Decide.

But it's Nice to see Leftest Sheeple in the making... Isn't it?

Here is Video of the Event:

(picture above from the Huffington post)


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Anonymous said...

Any teacher who involves a student in a labor protest, should lose their
certification to teach.They are exposing innocent children to potential violence, and mob rule.A caring teacher,would never endanger
their charge.