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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jake Zimmerman Supports Raising Your Taxes

Democrat Jake Zimmerman is a polished Harvard Lawyer and Politician who represents the idea of 'Business as Usual' that Americans are tired of being force to 'Worship' at the Alter of Politics. Jake is such an embedded member of the 'Political Establishment' that he even feels looking into his Father's Questionable Home Assessment is beneath him. Jake fails to understand, or admit, that when someone runs for the office of St. Louis County Assessor on a platform of "Fairness for Everyone" that the same "Fairness" he has been preaching through his entire campaign also includes the neighbors who now pay $1,500 More in Taxes than Zimmerman's Father.

But Jake has also been 'secretly' preaching another 'Establishment' principle all during his campaign..

Raising Your Taxes.

Jake Zimmerman has a commercial titled "Why I am Running". In it, he tells a story about his friend Margaret and it goes something like this:

"Let me tell you about my friend Margaret. Margaret bought her house in 1954. Margaret is now paying $4,000 a year in property taxes. Margaret's income has not gone up from last year to this year, her social security check stays the same, her retirement check stays the same but what doesn't stay the same is that tax bill. That tax bill has been going up every two years come rain or come shine. I don't want to see somebody like Margaret taxed out of her home."

Here is the commercial:

Ironically 'Margaret' is a Progressive Activist and member of the Democratic Party named Margaret Blumer Hasse. Jake also fails to mention that 'Margaret's' home is located in a nice area of St. Louis called Webster Groves and happens to have one of the largest homes on her street (Which is why her taxes are so high). And according to 'Margaret's' tax assessments, her taxes have NOT been going up every two years, as Mr. Zimmerman would have you believe, but instead have been relatively stable from 2001 until 2005 (She is listed under Hasse Margaret Trustee) . In 2005 Margaret became trustee of her own home and because of the title change, a new appraisal was done (I assume) which caused her true home value to be realized. This in turn caused a rise in her tax assessment. So Jake has been telling half truths in order to tug at your heart strings.

Jake goes on to say in his commercial that he wants to help people, like his Progressive Activist Friend 'Margaret', with their tax problem.


In a recent Video I posted, Jake explains that the Property Taxes can be deferred, or put off, until the home is sold. Once the home is sold, the back taxes that are owed would be taken from the profits.

For example, if Jake's progressive friend, Margaret, deferred her $4,000 property taxes and didn't sell her home for another 10 years, assuming her property taxes stayed the same, she wouldn't be subject to pay the $40,000 in property taxes until the sale.

Now at first, this idea gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and sounds good in a sound bite, but just like the half truths about his friend, Jake is leaving something out.

This deferral concept would Starve the County and the School District of much needed tax revenue that would need to be replaced, in Margaret's case a possible $40,000 over ten years.

How do you replace that $40,000 in deferred revenue? Do you expect the County and the Schools to do with less money? Well if your a member of the Tea Party yes, but if your a Member of the Progressive Political Establishment, No...

You Would Raise Everyone Else's Property Taxes.

As Assessor, Jake can easily collect tax information that would help legislators pass a tax deferral program which would lead to a large drop in immediate tax revenue. And Jake's other progressive 'friends' in the legislature would Love nothing more than to create a situation where they could look like they are 'Helping' the Elderly while at the same time giving themselves a perfect excuse to Raise Your Taxes.

Jake is a Progressive Harvard Lawyer and Elitist who assumes You and I are Too Stupid to realize the affects of such a deferment plan. But like all Establishment Politicians he assumptions are incorrect.

So Remember, every time Jake tells his story about his "Friend" Margaret what he is really saying is..

He Supports Raising Your Taxes.


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