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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Irony?: Communist Mentor of Obama Called for the Nationalization of GM in 1950

Barack Obama (left) and His 'Mentor' Frank Marshall Davis (right)

Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist Mentor to President Obama in his early years. Ironically enough, Mr. Davis called for the Nationalization of General Motors in the 1950's and President Obama made that dream come true in 2009.

Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist journalist, poet and political activist that wrote for several newspapers which included the Honolulu Record during the late 1940's-1950's.

In 1950, January 26th issue, Mr. Davis wrote an article titled "Free Enterprise or Socialism?" The Beginning of the article reveals the tone of Mr. Davis's thoughts:

"Before too long, our nation will have to decide whether we will have free enterprise or socialism."

Mr. Davis goes on to say that large "profits" from "monopolies" are a danger because they allow the company an opportunity to control the Government. The one monopoly he singles out in his article is General Motors:

"For instance, Alfred Sloan of General Motors announced that his gigantic company made a profit last year of $600,000,000, more than any other company in history." He goes on to say, "Obviously a Business that can show a profit in one year of $600,000,000 is in a position to control government."

Mr. Davis goes on to write that the "Backbone of Free Enterprise is Broken" and flat out states that because of Monopolies, "Free Enterprise doesn't live here anymore."

After declaring the 'death' of Free Enterprise, in his closing paragraph Mr. Davis explains what he thinks we should do with companies like GM:

"And so, with still rising unemployment and a mounting depression, the time draws nearer when we will have to decide to oust the monopolies and restore a competing system of free enterprise, or let government own and operate our major industries."

It would seem that Frank Marshal Davis's 'Mentee', Barack Obama, made that decision in 2009 when he nationalized several major auto makers and banking institutions.

Funny how Defenders of President Obama claim that Nationalizing GM was not a move towards 'Socialism'....

Because it would seem that Obama's Mentor would Disagree.

(Picture above from picaweb)

Hat Tip to a Great Book called DUPES and the American Thinker.


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