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Friday, March 11, 2011

Why High Gas Prices? Obama Says It's Because Oil Companies Aren't Drilling

So it's Not President Obama's Fault for high Gas Prices (Like his ban that was overturned on Offshore Drilling). He says it's the Oil Companies fault for Not Drilling.

According to an Article on Investors.com, this argument is a bit nuts:

"In his Friday press conference to discuss gas prices, President Obama was rather defensive, straining to counter the notion that his administration has been unfriendly to oil drilling, something most people would like to see a lot more of these days.

Where do people get that notion? Perhaps his Interior Department appealing a judge’s ruling that it act on several pending deepwater permits had something to with it.

Obama claimed repeatedly that he is not against drilling, then made the following comments:

There is more we can do, however. For example, right now, the (oil) industry holds leases on tens of millions of acres — both offshore and on land — where they aren’t producing a thing. So I’ve directed the Interior Department to determine just how many of these leases are going undeveloped and report back to me within two weeks so that we can encourage companies to develop the leases they hold and produce American energy. People deserve to know that the energy they depend on is being developed in a timely manner.

In other words, Obama is arguing that the oil companies themselves may be to blame for the fact that there isn’t more drilling. For some reason they’re ignoring making a profit. It’s a bizarro-world inversion of the usual complaint against oil companies — that they are reckless and all-too eager to despoil pristine lands in search of black gold."

So not only does Obama want to be the President of China because it's easier, but he wants to Blame the Oil Companies for the High Gas Prices because they are not drilling for oil?

Bizarro doesn't even begin to describe the President's behavior...

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PioneerPreppy said...

Soon there will be an equal opportunity to exploit resources act or something named like that. The longer this nightmare lasts the more "Atlas Shrugged" seems to be coming true right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry Soetoro (obama) where is that BIRTH CERTIFICATE???? and all other records?

MaryS said...

I sure would like to have the opportunity to ask this guy if he can explain the millions and millions of acres of land that the govt. has confiscated and what they plan to do with that land? It starts above New Mexico and goes up thru Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. Why?? What do they have planned?? Look it up! Do listen to what he says, rather WATCH what he does.

Anonymous said...

Barry Soetoro (obama) where is it? You are a Felon Criminal and every one of your signatures are illegal. The two Supreme Court appointees are
included as well as all bills and executive orders. Barry, you should (at very minimum) be serving in the BIG HOUSE not the White House.

Shame on all talk show hosts and media including FOX NEWS for not demanding his records.