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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Harry Reid's Son Evades Campaign Laws and Creates 91 Shell PACs to Funnel Money to Campaign

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Harry Reid's Son, Rory Reid, has been a naughty boy:

"In one of the most brazen schemes in Nevada history, gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s campaign formed 91 shell political action committees that were used to funnel three quarters of a million dollars into his campaign, circumventing contribution limits and violating at least the spirit – and maybe the letter – of the laws governing elections.

Reid, who was fully aware of what was done, essentially received more than $750,000 from one PAC – 75 times the legal limit -- after his team created dozens of smaller PACS that had no other purpose other than to serve as conduits from a larger entity that the candidate funded by asking large donors for money. Indeed, the shell PACs were formed in the fall and dissolved on Dec. 31, after they had served their short-term function, which was to help the candidate evade campaign contribution laws."

So What Good is Campaign Finance Reform?



Hifi said...

The apple doesn't fall , well I was going to say far from the tree but seems like that apple didn't even fell from the tree.

Hifi said...

oops fall not fell