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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Harry Reid: "Tea Party Extremists Seem to Think ‘Compromise’ is a Dirty Word"

It would seem that Harry Reid has his dander up and is blaming the Tea Party for a lack of an agreement on the Budget.

According to an Article in the Wall Street Journal, he is so ticked that now he is calling the Tea Party 'Extremists':

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nev.) blamed “tea party extremists” on Tuesday for blocking a compromise that would allow Congress to keep the government running through September, the latest move by Senate Democrats to deflect responsibility for a partial government shutdown.

“Some Tea Party extremists seem to think ‘compromise’ is a dirty word, and have said that they would rather shut down the government than work with Democrats to find a common-sense, bipartisan solution,” Mr. Reid said in a statement Tuesday, ahead of an expected House vote Tuesday to keep the government open another three weeks that sparked another mini-rebellion among outspoken conservatives."



Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that federal laws should be based on the US Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Harry for all the "compromise" that has come from you and Nancy the past two years.