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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FLASHBACK: Obama Supports High Gas Prices; Agrees It Will Force Us to Build Infrastructure

Ever wonder why you don't hear President Obama, or any Progressive for that matter, complaining about high gas prices recently?

That's because he wants it that way.

Here is a Video from 2008, where President Obama says he isn't against High gas prices, he just wishes they would have been more gradual:

In this next clip from 2008, President Obama shakes his head in agreement as a man says he is happy about high gas prices because it will force us to improve Public Transportation:

So as you can see President Obama won't complain about High Gas Prices...

Because he wants to Use the Crisis to force through his Infrastructure Plan.



Anonymous said...

It's hard to complain about high gas prices when the taxpayers pay for any gas you use.

Anonymous said...

If Obama truly believes this, and wants gas prices to continue to spike,and the economy to tank for the sake of green tech. he will will not be re elected.This ia for certain.

Anonymous said...

Which is why he wants to build a high speed train to nowhere in California.

Empty suit.

Anonymous said...

To bad some of these clips aren't aired to a wider audience such as FOX. I scratch my head as I watch all the lemmings stand and cheer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 is correct. The fed collects almost twice as much in taxes on a gallon of gas as the oil companies make in profit.