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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farrakhan: America is Filled With Beasts; Obama Selected to be the First Jewish President

According to The Blaze, Louis Farrakhan is at it again. First he explains that America is filled with Beasts and Devils. Then he defends Gaddafi by claiming that Dictatorship isn't bad because your own parents were Dictators. Add to all that he fact he goes on to claim that President Obama was selected to be the First Jewish President and we have 6 minutes of Farrakhan that makes one wonder why anyone follows this Racist idiot.


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Anonymous said...

Isnt farrakhan a relic from the 60s or something.The nation of islam isnt even for real. who listens to this guy? one minute its " its all for us my bro-thuer" the next its "obama is the first jewish pres"