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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Democrats Try to Remove Speaker in Wisconsin; More Death Threats on Republicans Confirmed

According to an Article on THOnline.com, Democrats in Wisconsin tried to have the Republican Speaker Removed:

"Wisconsin Assembly Democrats tried to remove Republican Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald from power as debate began over a bill that would take away collective bargaining rights from public workers.

Republicans said the move was a delay tactic.

Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca argued for the removal of Fitzgerald saying he didn’t uphold the state’s open meeting law with quick action taken Wednesday to allow the bill to pass in the Senate."

The Story also Confirms that there were indeed multipule Death Threats made against Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers:

"Fitzgerald began debate by reading from a death threat he says he received. The Department of Justice confirmed it was investigating multiple threats.
Fitzgerald’s brother, Senate Majority Scott Fitzgerald, released e-mails he said he received that also contained death threats."


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