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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Democrat Alan Grayson Says Gov. Rick Scott is Like Al-Qaida Member

According to You Tube:

"Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson said at an "Awake the State" protest in Florida that "putting Rick Scott in charge of a state is like putting Al-Qaida as the pilot of an airplane." He also said the Gov Scott wants to crash the state, and also is trying to make Florida like Somalia. This after he was burned with his "Taliban Dan" political ad! Many Democrats are unwilling to be civil or even give a hint of acknowledging the patriotism of those they disagree with. Is it any wonder this man lost his reelection?"



Anonymous said...

Do not give him any exposure, or credibility.No comment.

Hifi said...

Oh like we are surprised by anything this rube says. Remember the "Taliban Dan" commercials before the election. He has no shame just like his brotha from another mother Jesse Jackson.

N. Locke Step said...

In the dictionary under "pond scum", one of the definition is "Alan Grayson" (right before the 1985-1987 Mets)