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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Communist News Predicts "Civil War" If Assault on Workers Rights is Not Turned Back

The Union Protests in Wisconsin have spawned widespread hatred, intimidation and violence from Progressives the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Tea Party began attending town halls last year.

But now the Protests in Wisconsin have spawned a new threat...

A Possible Civil War.

According to an Article on the Communist Party USA News, People's World, if the assault on Workers Rights is not turned back, things could get uglier:

"changes in labor law that permit firing workers who organize or strike to defend themselves, and changes in the modes of private production, these public enemies have made great progress toward rolling workers' rights back to where they want them to go - to the mid-19th century.

Wisconsin is showing that public workers, when they are united with those they serve, can block, stop, and - if we ALL lend a hand - reverse this exceedingly dangerous assault. If this assault is not turned back, we could see a confrontation between haves and have-nots that could rival the conflict over slavery in its devastating consequences for our country."

It also seems that the Communist used to see the Private Sector Employees as the 'Cutting Edge' of their movement. Now they believe the Public Employees are their new 'point man':

"Marxists long thought (and it was born out in much experience in the past century) that production workers in mass industries would lead the path toward genuine democracy and progress throughout the world. The advancing social nature of production was a powerful argument for more democratic controls over large-scale economic institutions (corporations), who were growing "too big to fail" and in many ways "too big to remain private" without unacceptable costs to society.

Most democratic reforms of the past century were focused on addressing various aspects of the growing social inter-dependencies in advanced capitalist economies. In fact, more socialized relations - in the form of more regulatory and income redistribution legislation (e.g. Social Security, Medicare and other public health care programs, public education, labor protections, civil rights, environmental regulation, financial regulation, and so on) - have given rise to a very large domain of public, nonprofit and quasi-public institutions upon which we all depend. Even the corporations depend on these institutions while they simultaneously, and schizophrenically, seek to corrupt them so that they do not stray into the "hands of the people," who, they noisily proclaim, are not "entitled" to anything.

Thus public workers - in a sense, the kernel of the socialized component and infrastructures of our society - may have replaced private production workers as the leading edge of this titanic democratic struggle now under way."

The Communists then decide that Predicting Civil War isn't enough, they also feel the need to encourage and glorify the continued on going Chaos and even predict victory:

"Perhaps it's too soon to finally judge - but it is a fascinating and thrilling moment for the entire progressive movement to ponder. Not just ponder: put your shoulder to the wheel, brothers and sisters, because this train is bound for glory."

So let this sink in to all of You who feel that the Union Protests aren't your concern.

Because while you are standing on the sidelines, the Communists are utilizing the misled and misinformed in order to push forward their progressive agenda.

And if they don't get their way...

Are Predicting a Civil War.


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