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Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Reviews by The Sailor: "The Imperial Cruise"

Patch, The P/Oed Patriot, has asked me to do some book reviews for you in an effort to lend credibility to what we are seeing happen before our eyes. History repeats itself not always in the same steps or in the same chronology but, it does repeat.

I, like others, will tell you to not take my word for anything but, to check it out for yourself. In saying this I want to share some of the steps I have taken to verify what I have been lead to by others.

Let’s start with the beginning of the last century with a book called “The Imperial Cruise” by James Bradley. This is the same man who wrote “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Fly Boys” which were the reverse journey he took to understand how we got into the war in the pacific; it took him fifteen years, five years per book. In the “Cruise” you read about a secret treaty made between Japan and Teddy Roosevelt’s White House which allowed Japan to dominate Asia from 1905 until WW2. More importantly it stops this tail long enough to bring modern man back to a time before 1900 to understand the thinking of the ruling classes of the Northern hemisphere. It introduces a phrase “Follow the sun” which traces the movement of the intellectual class from Russia through Germany to England then to North America to the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The master plan was to eventually circumnavigate and dominate the Northern hemisphere westward back to Russia.

The Japanese saw us coming and westernized there society to mimic our dress and habits. This may explain why they showed up for the surrender on the USS Missouri in western dated black tails and top hats.

The idea of world domination is not new. It has been the dream of rulers for centuries. It is not about money but, POWER.

The time is short please do your research and join us to save OUR country.

Next time “Dupes”.

The Sailor


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