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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barney Frank: Bachman is Cuckoo and Tea Party Doesn't Understand the Constitution

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It would seem that Barney Frank has some strong opinoins about the Tea Party and Michelle Bachmann.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


Anonymous said...

what did he say? He just keeps babbeling! Does he know what he says makes no sense? He's the one from cuckoo land.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. This man is delusional. He wants to cry about misusing the House rules. Is his memory so short that he can't remember about 54 weeks ago that his PelosiHouse "deemed as passed" the Obamacare bill in the Senate, so that they could vote on it in the House?

PhucqueThemAll. They will be GONE next Novemeber