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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Union Protesters Fail to Remove Hats During National Anthem

I'm sure everyone has heard of the Union Protest going on right now in Wisconsin over cuts to the Public Worker's Salaries.

I have nothing against a Peaceful Protest, but I will Not Tolerate Disrespect to the Flag.

The video below is of the opening ceremonies to the 2nd Day of Protest.

Surprisingly these "Employees of the Government" failed to remove their hats during the National Anthem:

Looks like they can shut down schools over concern for their own income, but they are above Showing Respect to the Flag and those Who Died Defending Her.

Some of these People are Teaching Children?

Someone Needs to "Teach" them Respect....



Robert said...

Usually there is also silence given during the National Anthem....

Joe said...

Respect for a flag? Sorry to say, but the flag doesn't just represent what our country(government) was, but it also represents what is currently is. We love to say the flag represents freedom, but since it represents our current government, it also represents the most incarcerated country in the world. The flag represents the country that has more prisoners than any country and that isn't even as a percentage. India and China each have almost 4x our population and neither have as many people in jail as we do. The "land of the free" has more total people in jail and highest percentage of citizenry jailed.

We jail 756/100,000 people, closely followed by Russia at 611, after that it dramatically drops to 186 in New Zealand.

Sorry, but it is hard to respect the flag and mouth worthless words about us being the land of the free.

I probably espouse the majority of opinions you have in terms of smaller, limited government, but I don't understand the blind respect for symbols.

Anonymous said...

So America is not perfect, so we have problems, just like everywhere else, But we all still Love America for what she stands for. Freedom, Liberty,Strength. if these things seems empty, meaningless, or blind to you, and you have to compare with other nations, then go live in India, China or new Zealand. I sure you will find just as much to complain about. As for me I will take America will all her problems because i still believe in her, Freedom, Liberty, and Strength. God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

I reluctantly agree with Joe. We’re not worthy to display a symbol of freedom and justice or to honor America’s past until those values that gave the flag meaning are restored.