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Monday, February 14, 2011

Union Boss On Those Who Oppose CO2 Laws:"We Have an Obligation To Show Them The Right Path"; Gives EPA Boss Boxing Gloves to "Fight the Right"

Steelworker President Leo Gerard seems to be under the impression that a Moral Dictatorship is what we have here in the United States instead of a Republic.

During a Speech at the 2011 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference, Mr. Gerard showed his impatience at those of us who don't buy into the Whole "Global Warming" farce by saying that Progressives are "obligated" (Another word for Force?) to show us "The Right Path"(starts around 5:39):

"The one thing that seems to be missing, and those of us in this room can make the noise to make sure that happens. What's missing is a manufacturing plan, and industrial plan that's attached to a greenhouse emissions plan.

And for those who tell us it can't be done, we have an obligation to show them the right path. We have an obligation to tell them that our kids deserve a cleaner planet and better jobs. Our kids deserve to know that our generation saw a problem and decided that saying no was not going to be enough. And that what we need to do is recognize that the future will be for those of us that are bold enough to lead, those of us who are courageous enough to say that it doesn't have to be this way. And the future will belong to those that implement it."

Here is a Video of his whole speech:

That sure sounds like Mr. Gerard is determined to outlaw all of that "Green House Gases" he is spewing come hell or high water, No matter what anyone else says.

But Mr. Gerard's dictatorial comments aren't the worst of it. Going against the supposed "New Tone" encouraging the use of "non violent rhetoric" that recently was the rallying cry for the Democrats and the President. According to the Communist Party USA News, People's World, Mr. Gerard gave the Director of the CBO, Lisa Jackson, a pair of Boxing Gloves to "Fight Off the Right":

"Photo: Steelworker President Leo Gerard presents Lisa Jackson, Director of the EPA with a set of boxing gloves for her birthday to fight off the right wing Republican attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Marshall/PW"

Lisa Jackson was so happy with the gift that she set them on her podium during her whole speech.

My favorite part of her speech is when she admits all of this "Innovation" and "Green Jobs" will be spurned because of regulations that make them happen. In other words there is no real demand for the "Green Market" in order to create "Green Jobs" unless the Government forces it through regulation. Here is that section of her speech (Begins around 16:00):

"Here is the Bottom Line. We can protect the health of millions of American families and do so in a way that will benefit the economy. We can do that by out educating, out building and out innovating our competitors AND by using common sense regulations to spark innovation, reduce toxic pollution and put people to work protecting our health and the environment"

As you can see, President Obama's idea for creating jobs is nothing new. He wants to Force Green House Gas Regulations so that they will hamstring business and FORCE them to innovate new technologies to protect us all from exhaling CO2 (I wish I was kidding). That is his BIG jobs plan..

And with Crazy Dictatorial Union Bosses like Mr.Gerard, who has suggested using Violence in the Past..

FORCE is exactly what they plan on doing.

(Above Picture from People's World)


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Anonymous said...

The Left doesn’t care about greenhouse gasses. This is all about redistribution of wealth. Joel Rodgers, one of the ringleaders for taxing CO2, admitted this. He added that no manmade efforts can have any measurable effect on CO2 levels, but they want to tax it anyway so they can capture the revenue and direct it away from the free market. The results in developing countries have already been devastating for small farmers, as it has become more profitable for industry and the respective governments to pollute their farmland than the atmosphere. These farmers now have no occupation. And work is a very effective natural population control measure.

CO2 is vital to plant/food growth. If these creeps could limit CO2 (they can’t) it would lead to greater food shortages for a growing global population. From any critical perspective, these autocrats are a devious lot.