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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Union Boss Calls for Violence?: "We Have an Agenda Worth Fighting For... Even If We Have to Take to the Streets and Do What Needs to Be Done."

Recently we have seen a trend from those on the Left who are calling for Uniting with Progressive Groups, even Communists, to push forward their Agenda.

Recently at the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit, Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers, gave a speech admitting that the Labor Movement will work with ANY Progressive Movement. This seems to echo the Rantings from the Connecticut President of the AFl-CIO where he admits he is willing to work with the Communists to push the Progressive Agenda.

But what is truly disturbing, and Reminiscent of the Riots in the Middle East, is at the end of his speech Mr Gerard dismisses Peaceful Means like "Letter Writing" and says how the Progressives Need to Realize they have an "Agenda Worth Fighting For" and they should "take to the streets and do what needs to be done".

Here is the Video:



Ronbo said...

RE-Posted here: MAY IT GO VIRAL!

dmiller said...

If you go back & see who created our promblem back to Johnson you will find out it was ALWAYS the Democrats who where in control of the house & senate...these are the people who write the laws that are to be good for us. Gore was the final vote for NATFA that cause jobs to leave this country, higher taxes on companies craete by the DEMORATS cuses jobs to leave this country, the collalase of wall street was a start of the demcrat control of the house & senate REFUSED to requlated Fannie Mae & Fredie MAc on the housing saying everyone has a right to a loan even if they cant pay it off....& blaming Bush for the largest deficit...Have you looked at the puppet that is in the white house & who is control of the house and senate lately! OPEN your eyes people..the union leaders are to busy padding their own pockets instead of really standing up for what is right. WHY DO UNION"S CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE DEOMCRATIC PARTY WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF JOB LOSES IT IS CAUSED BY THEIR POLICY!