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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Socialized Medicine FAIL: Woman Has Baby in Waiting Room, Baby Hits Head on Floor

According to an Article in The SUN, a woman was forced to have her baby in the waiting room of a Hospital in Essex because the Hospital had no beds:

"A YOUNG mum had to have her baby sitting on a chair with her feet on a suitcase in a hospital waiting room.
Frances Randall, 21, said Frederick was delivered by her partner, her mother and another patient's mum, as there were no staff to help.

And she said the baby fell to the floor with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and hit his head. Hospital staff arrived seconds later, but Frances blasted health chiefs and staff at the £200million Queen's Hospital in Romford, Essex.

She said: "I was in so much pain I wasn't really aware what went on but looking back I'm so angry.

"Freddie seems healthy but I don't know what damage, if any, was caused when he fell to the floor. For all the help I got, I might as well have stayed at home. They abandoned us."

When Frances went into labour at about 2am she went to the hospital with her dad Ken, 62, mum Sylvia, 63, and 20-year-old boyfriend Scott Jordan-Freeman.

But when they arrived they were told there were not enough beds and were ushered into the waiting room. Frances and Scott claim they did not see a nurse or a midwife until after their boy was born.

Panic-stricken Scott said he tried in vain to get a midwife. He said: "I told them her waters had broken but they kept saying we had to stay in the waiting room."

Frederick was delivered in December with the help of Kiran Deep Virdee, who had been sitting in the room waiting for her daughter to give birth. Mrs Virdee, 52, of Manor Park, East London, said: "It is disgusting she had to give birth on a chair. She was given no dignity."



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Anonymous said...

the shape of things to come in the U.S.A. if obama and libs have there way. I miss the current multipay system already.