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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Since When Is Exposing an Elected Official's Radical Connections Considered 'Racism'?

It Never ceases to Amaze me that when a Normal Everyday American, a Citizen Journalist if you will, takes their time and effort to expose a Politician's Corruption, Bias or Radical Connections, that the Politician's wrong doing is Ignored while the Citizen Journalist is Vilified.

This type of travesty happened recently here is St. Louis when Darin Morley, St. Louis Tea Party Member and Author of RebootCongress.blogspot.com, exposed a Politician's associations with the Racist, Militant and Violent New Black Panther Party.

According to Darin's Video, Missouri Democratic Representative Jamilah Nasheed (Pictured Above Center) led a protest with members of the New Black Panthers.

Representative Nasheed is currently the Sponsor of HB 71, which is a bill that will give the City of St. Louis Control of their Police Department. Replacing the current system of using a Police Board which Consists of the Mayor and 4 Citizens appointed by the Governor. The Bill was Co-Sponsored by Missouri Republican Speaker of the House Steven Tilley.

Darin's Blog post called out Tilley for his support of a Bill that was sponsored by a Politician who associates with a Radical, Racist Organization like the New Black Panthers.

How was Darin Thanked for his efforts in exposing this Radical Association?

He, and the St. Louis Tea Party, were attacked by the Establishment, indirectly or course, and accused of 'Race Baiting' by Representative Tilley.

Shortly after Tilley's attack, the Media joined in the fray. But Ironically the Main Stream Media, and other Local Media Outlets, seem to have forgotten what the New Black Panthers stand for. So I guess it's up to Another Citizen Journalist to Remind them.

Below are some Examples of the Racism and Militant Radicalism that is taught in the New Black Panther Party. In the First Video, a New Black Panther Member yells into a Bull horn and explains if Black Men want to be Free, then they are going to have to kill some of them "Crackers" and some of their Babies:

After the above Video gained Nation Wide attention did this New Black Panther Member beg forgiveness and apologise?


He went on to talk smack about "Fox Jews" and reaffirmed the idea of Killing "Crackers" and their babies:

If that wasn't enough proof, here is Part 1 of a Program run by National Geographic that explains what the New Black Panthers Party really believes:

As you can see, the New Black Panther Party is a Racist, Militant Radical Organization.

But as one of the Local New Outlets asks, does the fact that Representative Nasheed led a Protest that included New Black Panther members mean she is a "Sympathizer?"

Yes it does.


Well to answer that Question, watch this Video and see how the St. Louis Tea Party handles Racists when they show up to one of their Rallies. This Racist was expelled by fellow Citizen Journalist, Adam Sharp:

As you can see, when a Citizen Journalist is Forced to do the Job of the Main Stream Media, instead of getting a hand shake and a pat on the back they are vilified and attacked.

If this type of attack is allowed to succeed, the Right of Free Speech will suffer a major set back.

Because in the Future, Every Time an Establishment Politician is Exposed for their Radical Connections by a Citizen Journalist, all that will happen is the Politician will get a pass...

And the Everyday American will be dismissed as a "Racist".


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Anonymous said...

Excellent reporting. This is not a battle of Left vs Right, but a battle against any power that threatens our ability to exercise our individual liberty. It comes from an autocracy that has enjoyed too much power without a challenge for far too long.