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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Selfish McCaskill Throws St. Louis Region Under the 'Bus': Begs DNC to Hold Convention Elsewhere to Help Her Reelection

While the Mayor and a '100 Leaders' from across Missouri and Illinois were working hard to bring the Democratic National Convention here to St. Louis, there was a Benedict Arnold among them trying hard to get it sent somewhere else.

According to an Article on Roll Call.com, Claire McCaskill has been secretly begging the Obama Administration and the DNC to hold the Democratic National Convention in another City.

Yes you read that right.

A Missouri Senator, who is supposed to Help the State of Missouri and her constituents, a State where the unemployment Rate is around 9%, had their own REPRESENTATIVE working against efforts to Bring Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Revenue to the State.


Because Claire was afraid it would hurt her chances at Reelection.

According to Roll Call, Claire called the DNC so much that they stopped returning her phone calls:

“I got worried a few weeks ago when all of a sudden they quit returning my phone calls,” McCaskill said, referring to the DNC. “I think I drove them crazy.”

If Claire hadn't allowed her Selfish Fears of being Elected to Office cloud her judgment what kind of Benefits could St. Louis of had by holding the DNC Convention here?

The City of Denver in 2008 claims the Convention Yielded 'Tremendous Economic Benefits':

"While the Democratic National Convention ended just seven weeks ago, the economic and community benefits of hosting the historic event will be felt in Metro Denver for many years to come. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper released a report Thursday estimating a $266.1 million regional economic benefit to Metro Denver, of which $153.9 million occurred within the City and County of Denver.

“Hosting a national political convention produces not only short-term economic benefits, but it plants seeds for long-term opportunities,” said Tom Clark, executive vice president of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. “Eighty percent of business decisions to relocate to or open an office in a new city are sparked by a visit as a tourist. By hosting a first-class event and showcasing Metro Denver in the best light possible to 50,000 opinion-leading visitors – including 16,000+ members of the media – we created a once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity that we will leverage well into the future.”

“Downtown Denver experienced unprecedented activity during the Democratic National Convention, providing exciting opportunities for local businesses and residents,” said Tami Door, president/CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. “But while downtown Denver was the epicenter of Convention activity, the economic benefits clearly spread throughout the metro area demonstrating the tremendous value a strong urban core and region have to each other.”

Isn't it nice to know that Reelection is more Important to Claire than bringing Long Term Positive benefits to the State and the People she was elected to Represent?

After the Elections in 2012, I think Claire is going to find out that maybe she should have put her Constituents first then possibly she would still be in Office.

Thanks Claire for Exposing who you Really are....
A Selfish Washington Politician who is Only Interested in Representing Herself.



jagr1850 said...

time to vote this elected person out !!! must have a person who works for the people and not just for herself.

Carol said...

Yeah, she was afraid we would take up her suggestion and grab our "pitchforks" to protest.


Oback Arama said...

Please don't be so critical of Senator McCaskill. The Post Dispatch reported in its last two editions that Claire was positioning herself as a fiscal hawk. She never votes for earmarks. Problem is that last year up until the election, she voted for stimulus which was a total ineffective waste and the ObamaCare bill which will prove to be the largest entitlement in the history of the world. Now after the drubbing that the Dems received in the November elections, she's trying to position herself as a fiscal hawk. It won't fly Ms. McCaskill. Your non votes for earmarks are a mere drop of water in the ocean of red ink garbage you've voted for since you were elected. You only vote against big spending bills when you know they'll fail to pass anyway. It's time to change Ms. McCaskill address back to Missouri permanently. Come on 2012.

Anonymous said...

You bet she doesn't want the convention HERE... Anyone remember the Town Hall meeting where she asked "don't you trust me" and got shouted back with a loud "NO"... In Charlotte, she can hide! Bye Bye Claire.

Anonymous said...

I think one reason St Louis lost is because the NRA convention will be held there in April or May 2011. Punishment by the Obama Regime for having a prog-gun event.