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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SEIU President: "Green Jobs Restore Economic Justice for All" ; Joe Biden's Advisor Claims They Will "Create Unions"

Comments for SEIU Prez are at :46. Joe Biden's Advisor's comments are at 1:54.




Van said...

My 'favorite' is

"...In fact one of the sectors, is billions and billions of dollars to our economy, is in air pollution control and water technology that give us that clean water and clean air..."

They actually think that the cost of their regulations are ADDING to the economy, instead of taking away from and burdening it.

Economic illiterates - aka socialists.

Anonymous said...

Spain lost 2.5 jobs for every green job it created and it’s a fair assumption that most of them were union jobs. There are good reasons to preserve the environment, but jobs isn’t one of them. Propaganda is the best we can expect from the Left, cuz they got nothin' else