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Friday, February 18, 2011

Progressive Creates Video Depicting Wisconsin Governor as Hitler

Do you remember how the Progressive Left were screaming and yelling that a very few Tea Party members were out of line because they compared Obama to Hitler?

Well were are they Now?

The Progressives appear to think that the use of comparing someone to Hitler is ok as long as they do it.

A progressive by the name of Captbebops has created a Video depicting Governor Walker of Wisconsin as Hitler.

While Captbebops does not have a website, a quick google search reveals that he frequents the Progressive Thom Hartman's website. In one comment he even said he didn't believe that it was a good idea that the Left act peaceful like Ghandi:

"Unfortunately emulating Ghandi makes the left look like a pushover to the right. They think we're a bunch of weak cowards. Certainly the approach taken by the Parkinson's patient worked well at that gathering since it showed how cruel and subhuman the right is but you don't always have circumstances like that. I think instead we should stand up strongly against them since we can out think them."

So as you can see, Captbebop is not only a lefty with a stupid name, but possibly one that advocates violence.

Got to love that New "Civil" Tone from the Left....

Here is the Video:



Hifi said...

I'm curious where the outrage from the media is for the "hateful rhetoric". Sorry but these hypocrites are the worst.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why there so damn special in the first place, there complaining about having to pay/ partially pay for there own health insurance? Nurses have to partialy pay for there own health insurance, and dont make 100,000/ year, more like 50,000/ year a nurses work with the lives of human beings every day, a much riskier job than teaching. what a bunch of spoiled state brats.