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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obama and Canada Discuss 'North American Union' through Regulation?

While we are all Watching Egypt, President Obama and the Canadians have been discussing ways to make "Shared Regulations" for easier trade and better Security.

Shared Regulations? So the Politicans in Washington are going to pass the Same Regualtions that are passed in Canada? Really?

The Canadian PM even said:

"While a border can distinct two peoples it must not necessarily separate them."

In the Second Video Obama even talks about taking this message to the "Americas".

Take into account that Obama is going to allow Mexican Trucks to travel in the U.S. instead of making them transfer their loads to American Trucks.

Does this sound like a North American Union Via Regulation to Anyone Else?

Here are the Videos:


1 comment:

Van said...

I've said it before, and no doubt I'll say it over and over again,

"Can I Just Say It?
I could dance around it, but I'd rather not,
Anti-Free Market + Anti-Constitution + Anti-Property Rights + Anti-Free Speech = Anti-American
There is no Liberty in this, only residual comforts and fleeting pleasures purchased at the price of our actual individual rights and ability to pursue happiness. The effort to make gov't determine what you will be allowed to make choices about, well... fewer things could be more anti-American than that; yet they are done with all the patriotic pomp and circumstance of 'helping the little guy!' and 'promoting democracy!' that the proregressives can muster and bluster."

If 'American' in any sense means Individual Rights, liberty and innocent untill proven guilty, then regulatory law is in it's very nature, Anti-American, and pro govt control - and pro-govt control always seeks to grow, and grow, and grow... borders are no boundaries to that.